How it Works

The process to receiving your custom 

Underdeck System is EASY!

Installation Process

Step 1: Add pressure treated wood 

Since we do not attach our system to the floor joists of the deck we must install pressure treated wood to the sides and front of the deck under the rim joist. This gives us adequate area to attach the gutter system below the existing deck’s floor joists and provides plenty of air flow and ventilation for quick drying. 

Step 2: Install gutter system

A structurally engineered load bearing gutter system is attached to the inside perimeter of the area being covered (the house, and all sides of the deck). It is sloped 1/8 inch per foot with a minimum slope of two inches from the highest corner to the downspout location where it will drain. The clean-looking streamlined gutter system is supported by gutter brackets that are installed 24” on center when required. 

Step 3: Seal & waterproof gutters

We use a specially formulated Geocel sealant to seal the top side of the gutter to ensure that no water leaks behind the gutter system. We also seal the miter joints that connect the gutters to one another.

Step 4: Install ceiling panels

Starting at one end, we will begin placing the interlocking pre-cut ceiling panels on top of the gutter system, one after the other. We will maintain a 4 inch to 7 inch space between the bottom of the deck and the top of our ceiling. This assures that this product will not cause any harm to the deck above. 

Step 5: Prep for any accessories 

Our team can install or prep for a variety of optional accessories including ceiling fans, porch swings, speakers and more. Items that require electrical wiring will need to be prepped by an electrician before the ceiling can be installed. 

Step 6: Clean up 

Installers clean up job site and wipe down the new system. We will also review how to maintain your new beautiful system. 

Step 7: Enjoy your new System