Our Company

Palmetto Underdecks has been serving the state of South Carolina since 2018. Founded by Jeff McMichael, who has thirteen years experience in the underdeck industry. Jeff worked for the main headquarters based in Atlanta during this time before beginning his own franchise in South Carolina. 

When searching for the perfect underdeck ceiling for your house, homeowners should avoid products that will shorten the lifespan of their deck. At Palmetto Underdecks, our system is a clearspan system that is engineered to be self-supporting. This means that our system does not attach directly to the bottom of your deck joists. This allows the system to have airflow in order to prevent mold and wood rot over the years. Our system also allows homeowners to access the space between the deck and ceiling by removing the panels, if needed, for any repairs,  maintenance, or loss of items between deck boards above. 

Due to our specifications and features, no other product compares to ours. Some are required to be mounted to the bottom of your deck joists, which traps the moisture and debris against the wood. These products are not designed to be used for underdecking due to the lack of strength and stability in the material. Any issues that may arise with other products would have to be addressed by removing deck boards or by completely replacing the underdecking. 

At Palmetto Underdecks we take pride in our product and the quality of our workmanship throughout the entire process. We specialize in the sale and installation of the Undercover System. No subcontractors are involved in the installation process. This allows us to offer a true lifetime warranty for our product.

We also do screen-ins and pergolas